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Never Wanted to Begin

by Bram Strijbos

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tune out, log off don't wait up * intercept messages desparate who sad conclusion scattering follows lies and loneliness request a backup
patience is nice but gets us nowhere blinds us for what we can't embrace tragedies just waiting to happen hear them all crumble, trying to fade watch bodies moving feast on acuteness can't shake the feeling this is where we meet modesty's fine but leads to nothing feel like the man who dies every day what makes life frightning's you don't own it (because it owns you) maybe you're praying to the wrong gods watch bodies moving feast on acuteness can't stop believing this is where she'll be I scream, just take her out for ice cream distorted mind says here you'll meet her you wonder too - at night you hide you want her to be by your side maybe you're praying to too young gods while others drink and dance alone
all I need more than this hunting high and hunting low trail of tears perfect day only you is there something I should know wicked game you and me speed of sound rage in eden love is noise golden brown fade to black only happy when it rains suffer well turn it on one caress damaged people, mercy street free your mind mystify (downside up) simple creed (I will be there) sweet surrender (you showed me) all around (human nature) hurry home afterglow sound of thunder, purple rain almost there now I'm here back for good true believers, world machine let it be
Look Away 04:31
old cars rusting nearby wind is moaning and keeps wearing down this empty old house part of abandoned desire out here these signs are of change ground littered with forgotten towns some telephone rings the ones to pick up are long gone land swallows you whole (it swallows you whole) endless sweep of the grass and wheat fields (of grass and wheat fields) nature reeks of life (oh it reeks of life) everything starts as a promise bequeathed (starts as promises) some cash and move out (some cash and move out) those left behind grow old and they are (grow old and then they die) numb in a vanishing world (in a vanishing world) living debris of abandoned lives (our own sorry lives) (home) can’t watch, yet can’t look away where does society go drought and deprived hesitation makes all power drain from within when all hope and pride has vanished time renders all of us lonely obilivious to surroundings death comes round one of these corners indifferent to emotions through the ages everything must fade
he’s going nowhere in a hurry trying to avoid too much trouble she walks in the room takes all thoughts away from what he was doing he’s totally mesmerized he does not see the trap she singles him out, then starts dangling him he hardly fights back here the trouble comes it works every time when she is bored and needs somebody to play can he react fast enough to try to go on his way? I have nothing to lose but everything to gain so life is a game won’t you please take my hand take me to a place far away from here pride - strangest emotion of man pride - strongest emotion of men
In Schwanenflügel hülle ich dich das Licht in deinen Augen. Wenn ich das sehe atmet das Land, die Nebel schwinden, Tropfen verdunsten. Frühes Leuchten liegt im Grünen Zauber junger Blätter; es duftet in meinem Herzen. Und unerklärliche Freude liegt in der Glut meiner Hand wenn sie reicht nach deiner.
Veel te Lang 03:16
ik loop langs witte singels niemand anders hier vannacht een kat vlucht gauw naar binnen stilte aan de Nieuwegracht achter de Sint Pieter vroeger scheen hier ooit de zon nu krijg ik stenen voeten duik diep in m'n capuchon ik ga nu door de Voorstraat de bioscoop is al op zwart het loopt al tegen 2en vol verwachting klopt mijn hart van het rode schijnsel in de Hardebollenstraat is het maar een stukje naar de Lange Lauwerstraat winterkou of sneeuw of ijzel houden mij niet in bedwang al vriest het 40 graden ik miste jou al veel te lang zou ze nog wel op zijn zou ze slapen als een roos als ik zo laat aanbel wordt ze blij of wordt ze boos ik zie nog lampen branden in mijn hart begint het feest daar staat zij al te lachen mijn reis is niet voor niets geweest winterkou of sneeuw of ijzel houden mij niet in bedwang al vriest het 40 graden ik miste jou al veel te lang
In the Blood 04:51
the sky is dark, warm and humid got long thin legs, gets in position be my host tonight let me under your skin I’m cutting in deeper and deeper… I’m in rain season is here head down low, bring the tools out a cutting blade and a feeding tube let the games begin ride the wave, we ride the bloodstream to the factory, that’s our only stop clouds gather, downpour erupts we’re in the blood, we hack the network something’s wrong, so wrong indeed they hatch, it surges
2019 03:09
I do not know what do I do where do I go is it with you should I begin to let you go or stay within I do not know what will you say if I tell you will you walk away or stay with me do I have no clue whether you'll go when I tell you that I love you so
they close the hatch - the descent starts, I'm going down climb in the capsule - I am ready all that awaits is darkness and they dwindle and fade behind they stay going down again to the world that is under the sea another hour is passing, still I'm descending the temperature outside is falling below as water pressure builds up slowly, can it be thriving life appears going down again to the world that is under the sea end is in sight - there is nothing there yet we're going down if a leak appears, it's game over water will drill in like laser beams must not think about those things right now while we're going down again where we cannot be and we're going down again where the landscape's an alien sight and we're going down again and the darkness is all that I see
go to sleep now set your mind free next to me now warm it will be oh but it’s cold and dark is the night let’s keep the world far outside every time that we meet in this song you can tell me all that is wrong will you not be alone inside your nightmares let me in now to lay by your side drifting together succumbing to sleep the night lingers on and on and on


released December 14, 2013

All lyrics and music written by Bram Strijbos, except Veel te Lang (music by Bram Strijbos, lyrics by Jan Michielsen), Nothing to Lose and In the Blood (music by Rob Dam and Bram Strijbos, lyrics by Bram Strijbos), Der Einzel- gänger (music by Bram Strijbos, lyrics by Derek Strijbos) and 2019, which was based on a riff by Jan Michielsen, performed in the play Nooduitgang 2019 by LEF Utrecht (2009). All instrumentation by Bram Strijbos, except Nothing to Lose acoustic guitar and electric guitar solo by Rob Dam. All lead vocals by Bram Strijbos except Nothing to Lose lead vocals by Jasmijn Steiner and Bram Strijbos. All backing vocals by Bram Strijbos except Going Down Again, Look Away, Never Wanted to Begin, Veel te Lang and Nothing to Lose backing vocals by Jasmijn Steiner and Look Away and In the Blood backing vocals by Marijn Bouwmeester. Cover design by Bram Strijbos. Artwork by Marigje Penard, Christiaan Krouwels, Anke Verhoeven and Bram Strijbos. Produced and engineered by Bram Strijbos.


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Bram Strijbos Utrecht

Bram Strijbos was born March 17, 1975 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Having taken music lessons all his life, he started writing full songs when he started taking singing lessons. This resulted in his debut album 'Greatest Hits' in 2010. In 2013 his second album saw the light of day: Never Wanted to Begin. Including collaborations with former members of The Flu and Divina, it contains 12 songs. ... more

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